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People we know and bases we touch

The Elevate Life Foundation

More information regarding this organization and how you can connect with its efforts coming by June 2014.


Men On Fire


Men on Fire is our monthly men's fellowship group, gathering the first Saturday of each month at the Golden Corral, 420 North Dysart Road in Goodyear.  Represented by more than 75 pastors, leaders, fathers and sons, we all gather without titles, demoninations, or affiliations, all in the spirit of Proverbs 133;1, all under one name, Jesus!  This is a FREE EVENT, make a point to be a Man on Fire at our next gathering.  



ELEVATION STREET is our effort to take the care, love and grace to Ground Zero in street life community. "The Church at 10th Aveune & Hatcher"  is what we are aiming to plant in this place.   It's long been in our heart and vision... but only now is taking wings August 2015. More information to come 4th quarter 2015

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