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The Discipleship Community of Life ELevation Church


Whether you are recently born again, or have been walking with Jesus for sometime, you should be consistently  involved in three levels of discipleship in order to live your life at the most effective level.  Commonly, the average Christian may be involved in one level, possibly two levels,  but seldom all three.  It is our goal to bring you to the place where you live actively on the following three levels of discipleship. 


1. Someone to whom you reach up.   You are submitted to someone who teaches and leads you in your journey with God. This person brings stability, counsel and accountability into your life.


2. Someone to whom you reach across. A peer, or even a small group of friends, with whom you are in true fellowship and relationship.  This person(s) acts as "iron" in your life.  They motivate you to remain focused and on track in your walk with Christ.


3. Someone to whom you reach down. The person you are leading and assisting in their journey with God.  They are submitted to you as you model this walk with Christ before them.  You assist them in learning scripture, godly living and their daily lifestyle.  You are making disciples.



If you have an interest in discipleship on any level and would like to speak with a member of our team in this regard, please complete the simple form below and we will be in touch with you soon.



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