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2023 Sacrificial Offering

Each year Life Elevation Church promotes four end of year events. in the past several years we have asked your participation in an annual sacrificial offering to help us fund these events.  Our prayer and heart has always been "all that we need to complete the task God has ordained is already in the house", and each year the need is met.  We believe and anticipate nothing less for 2023. Take a moment and browse through the explanations of each event.  Then pray and determine in your heart how you and your family can partner financially in this year's events.  Thank you for your generosity. As always... your kindness helps to change hearts and elevate lives.  To give, simply click the LINK below and select, 2023 Sacrificial Offering from the Pull down menu.  

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December 2023: Emmanuel's House - USA / Mexico

Emmanuel's House is a vital extension of Life Elevation Church. Our mission, firmly rooted in love and compassion, seeks to reshape the lives of children in our local community and around the world. We are dedicated to bringing hope and joy to children by providing school supplies, food, clothing, and Christmas gifts, both locally and globally. Join us in nurturing their potential, empowered by God's Word. Your support paves a path to a brighter future for these deserving children. United with the support of our church members, we create lasting change and seek to elevate young lives.

November 2023: Thanksgiving Giveaway

Each year we have been able to increase the number of families we assist with the blessing of a Thanksgiving Dinner. We, of course, look first at the needs within the Life Elevation Church community, but also endeavor to assist an equal, if not greater number of families in the surrounding cities. We call upon our church community to make connections with those in their neighborhoods, their places of employment, or with their acquaintances, friends, and family members to discover Thanksgiving Giveaway candidates. As with all of our outreach efforts, our primary goal is to bring the gospel to those yet to know Christ; secondly, to assist those through what may be a difficult time in life; lastly, to disciple others to come into an ongoing relationship with Christ, trusting Him to be their all-sufficient Savior, provider, and friend. Your sacrificial offering brings this goal to life. Thank You.

October 2023: Community Harvest Festival

Our annual Harvest Festival take takes place in the Canyon Trails community in Goodyear, Arizona. We bring the kindness and love of God on October 31st. We take advantage of the secular observation on this day to bring a God-awareness to those living in our community.  Each year we aim to make it better than the last.  In 2022, we lit up the night empowered by the Spirit of God. We engaged a few hundred people, handing out over 65 bibles in both Spanish and English.  We are returning with the same purpose of making an IMPACT for Jesus, shining His light brightly with boldness and authority. This year we want to do greater with gift giveaways, picture booths and face painting, giving away more bibles, being available for prayer, sharing the good news of Jesus and promoting the ministry of Life Elevation Church.  This is loving God, loving people, and making disciples.  

Annual Celebration and Worship Exchange 2023

2023 is the Inaugural celebration and introduction of Life Elevation Church International. We are pressing further into the call and purpose of Life Elevation Church, which is to have voice and impact beyond our American shores. With the establishment of our fellowship of churches and ministries, it is the heart of LECI to carry further the commission of the church by planting churches, training leaders and bringing support to ministries in parts of the world as God makes the opportunities.  Our Annual Celebration opens on Thursday October 12, 2023, with the Ordination and Installation service. We anticipate 4 candidates for ordination and 6 members of our pastoral and ministerial team to be officially installed into pastoral and leadership offices within our local church.  During this weekend, we are preparing for a live recording of original songs for our Christmas EP to be released in November of 2023. Saturday, October 14th at 6PM is the Worship Celebration with James Huey and other guest, commencing with our Sunday Celebration and Pastor Appreciation Service.

Click GIVE NOW and select the 2023 Sacrificial Offering in the Pull Down section.  Thank You.

Thank You
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